Welcome to Logix Engine

The Logix Engine is geared towards igniting every mind by adding X-citement into the process of logic development!

Putting ‘traditional’ and ‘conventional’ aside, Logix Engine has applied the latest concepts of STEAM to develop a unique set of courses that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary learning. Incorporating robotics and coding into the learning process, our facilitators provide your child with the individualized attention they deserve to make learning fun!

‘There is a genius in every child’, and your child deserves every opportunity to unleash his full potential. At Logix Engine, we not only fuel imagination and creativity but also hone the technical acumen of our young learners by enhancing their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Logix Engine was designed to take learning beyond the classroom and beyond the boundaries of the traditional textbook. With roots firmly planted in academia, every session has been carefully planned to nurture the impressionable mind of your children as they explore the world around them.

As part of the ‘maker-revolution’, we want your child to discover, question, reason and explore learning like never before. Because what we do is Learning Redefined.

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