Logix Engine was conceptualized with a vision to enhance student interest and performance in STEM-based subjects via the creation of programs that emphasise on playful learning. For young learners and STEM enthusiasts we offer a curated array of programs, centred around Coding and Robotics. These programs hone the technical acumen of our young learners by enhancing their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

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Our Core Programs


Academic Programs

We offer Math, Economics, and Science subjects from grade 1 through grade 12 with carefully crafted study plans to meet the academic needs and interests of our students. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to delivering high-quality instruction, fostering critical thinking, and promoting a love for learning. Our academic programs empower students to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, through innovative teaching methods and a supportive learning environment.

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Robotics / STEM Courses

Our robotics courses for kids offer an immersive and hands-on learning experience that combines technology, engineering, and creativity. These courses provide children with the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of robotics and develop essential skills in a fun and engaging way. Through building and programming robots, kids learn about mechanical structures, electronics, sensors, and programming concepts. They gain a deep understanding of how machines work and learn to apply their knowledge in solving real-world challenges.

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Coding Courses

Our coding programs for kids are a fantastic way to introduce young minds to the exciting world of technology and computer science. These programs provide children with the opportunity to learn fundamental coding concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Through interactive activities, games, and projects, kids develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking abilities, and creativity.

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Maker Courses

Our DIY and Maker courses for kids are designed to unleash their creativity, foster critical thinking, and ignite a passion for hands-on learning. Through engaging projects and interactive experiences, children explore various disciplines such as electronics, robotics, laser cutting, 3D printing and more. In our makerspace, kids have access to tools, materials, and technologies that enable them to bring their ideas to life.

At Logix Engine, we are dedicated to providing children with a nurturing and enriching environment. We believe in the power of education, creativity, and personal growth to shape the lives of young individuals, our programs are designed to foster 21st century skills such as  problem solving, critical and algorithmic thinking, emotional, and social development. From early childhood learning initiatives to engaging after-school activities, we aim to ignite their curiosity, encourage exploration, and cultivate essential skills that will empower them for a lifetime.

What Parents Say

We are incredibly proud to provide a platform for our parents to share their experiences and opinions about our services. Their feedback holds immense value to us, as it not only reflects their satisfaction but also serves as a testament to the quality of our offerings. To ensure transparency and credibility, we have implemented a seamless integration with the Google reviews platform. This means that every testimonial you see on our website is an authentic representation of the thoughts and experiences shared by our esteemed parents.

  • Reshma RoyReshma Roy

    Logix Engine has been a blessing for my two boys. They have been enrolled in for about a year continuously for Robotics and the development we have seen in both of them has been incredibly humbling. They have well structured programs for kids with dedicated teachers who make it fun to learn. All in all a very conducive environment to grow and learn new skills. Lara at the reception is warm and friendly. She makes sure you are updated on the timings and is happy to accommodate any reasonable last minute changes on the schedule. The owners are hands on and always present in the centre. Highly recommend Logix.

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  • Kas KamKas Kam

    Finally found an excellent institution for my daughter’s Economics Final year!! Priya ,the economics teacher is really good in making kids over come their flaws and actually prepare them for the exam.

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  • bhavan singhbhavan singh

    If you’re looking for maths tutoring where your child looks forward to going ( that too on a sat morning ) then ‘The Logic Engine ‘ is the place for you . Priyanka and team are not only subject matter experts but know how to build a rapport with the child , gently pushing them to get better and stay motivated. They are also flexible and a pleasure to work with unlike some of the money making outfits In Dubai. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work you bring to the table , on an ongoing basis !

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  • Fatema ShabbirFatema Shabbir

    I am super impressed with the way Logix- Engine have administered online coding classes to my son during the on-going pandemic. The level of professionalism, attention to detail and adaptation of the class to the individual child's need is commendable.

    My son totally enjoys the class, looking forward to the sessions and gets excited everytime he can make something work. Keeping a child engaged and interested via video conferencing is tough, but they managed to do it just as well.

    Priyanka is one of the best educators I have come across who is experienced and knows how to squeeze out that hidden programmer in every child and motivate them to bring out his/her best.

    I highly recommend the sessions. Give it a shot and see the results for yourself.

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  • S SS S

    My son has been attending classes for nearly a year, firstly on scratch junior and now early robotics. The classes and instructors are highly engaging and motivate students so they really enjoy being there and learn as well. The programmes are very well structured and build up over time so they are comfortable with the content and confident in building to next level. My son looks forward to the class every week and this is down to the amazing instructors who make the class enjoyable. Overall, I am really pleased and highly recommend Logix Engine, keep up the great work!

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