About Us

The endeavour to cover the gap between technology usage and technological self-efficacy has revolutionized classrooms! Organizations like Code.org have taken the computing game to the next level with concepts like ‘Hour of Code’. In an environment where programming seems to have taken the world by storm, and coding seems to be the buzz word, we need to ask ourselves some basic questions: Does everyone need to know programming? If so, why?

The Logix Engine was set up in 2017 with an aim to nurture inquisitiveness in young minds.

Our mission is to create a creed of academically skilled and curious learners via rigorous and relevant content; we develop competent, skilled learners with high critical thinking skills, who aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our programs aim to prepare and guide young students in a technologically complex and rapidly changing environment to enable them to actively contribute to society, and be change agents for their community.

The organization comprises of a team of educators who believe that learners today have transcended the barriers of a traditional classroom – hence, learning methodologies too need to be more contemporary and hands-on, making learning a playful experience. With the vision of creating ‘Playful Learning’, educators at Logix Engine have developed a unique set of courses across several technology platforms, creating a unique STE(A)M experience for their learners. 

Our Learning Pathways are age-appropriate and carefully crafted based on in-depth research. And, we continue to enhance the learning outcomes as we move ahead.

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