Project Description

Math-A-Logix : Math for Primary and Middle School

Our kids are in a world where rapid technological advancement has enhanced the need for learners to think in abstract terms of Math and Science. Math-A-Logix adopts a rigorous, but playful treatment to math, in keeping with the importance of it as a subject, enhancing the analytical and critical thinking
skills of young learners.

The Math-A-Logix Program focuses on conceptual understanding and mastering math skills, allowing your child to enjoy an edge in school and beyond. Each session focuses on adding or enhancing a math skill, while reinforcing previously accomplished concepts. The program highlights are below:

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” – Paul Halmos

Focus on Math Skills that Align to your Curriculum

Our Math program lines up thousands of math skills across 6 math domains , spread across Grade 1 – Grade 8: GCSE, IB, CBSE, and ICSE Curricula. The Program focuses on the core skills and their progression, making it easy to map the skills to a specific curriculum, and track a students’ progression across their learning journey with us.

Instructor Led Concept Sessions

The Math-A-Logix program consists of one weekly instructor led session where the core concepts are introduced, and developed – this is done in small groups of 5 so that individual attention is always maintained.

Self Paced Practice Sessions

The practice sessions are designed to reinforce the concept via worksheets/ quizzes / online exercises. Students can work forward with one / two practice sessions in a week. This is in addition to the the instructor led concept sessions. These sessions allow students to independently work through the learnt concepts and practice their skills to proficiency.

Monthly Progressive Diagnostic

Young learners commence their journey on the Math-A-Logix Program with a diagnostic test to ascertain their math proficiency levels. This continues as a monthly diagnostic which keeps benchmarking the progress  and new skills learnt. The work schedule includes a diagnostic every month apart from the Concept and Practice sessions.

Other Details

Duration 60 Minutes
Session 2/Week
Grade 1 – 8
Price AED 800/Month
All prices are excluding VAT. Look out for our discounted packages in the promo section.


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