Project Description

The Early Robotics Program

Early Robotics is a fun-based course for aspiring young learners. It focuses on delivering the logical sequential thought process imperative for programmers, bundling it with problem-solving, engineering design and critical thinking. Learners create designs ranging from simple rovers with sensors, to fully-functional complex automotive; they create flood gates, and generate earthquakes as they create simulations that assist them in challenging their own threshold of understanding.

“Sometimes a technology is so awe-inspiring that the imagination runs away with it.” – Daniel H. Wilson.

The program is designed to enhance student development by providing a learning environment that supports key personal factors like domain knowledge, creative confidence and communication while enhancing critical thinking and creative problem solving. Customized project-based challenges enable students to generate novel and useful solutions to real world situations, a skill that has become critical to leverage knowledge success.

This is a set of 10 sessions that builds on conceptual understanding of building with blocks, and augmenting with gears, and pulley mechanisms to mobilize the builds. The focus of the sessions is on the physical builds and their mechanics. The program aims to develop spatial orientation and basic principles of gears, pulley and belt mechanisms. Basic programming is introduced in this level to start developing sequential logic.

In this level participants build on conceptual understanding of robots and  sensors. It builds on the basics of mechanics used in ER-01 and introduces the student to sensors and programming behavior based on sensor feedback. The student develops on critical thinking and problem solving as he works through the myriad of challenges at the end of every session, collaborating to work at achieving the optimal outcome.

This is a theme based level where the participants build and program various Lego scale models of rovers, landers, satellites etc. In doing so it provides an excellent opportunity to learn all about space, and strengthen you science concepts around it. The sessions use basic programming skills to mobilize the Lego creations. Excellent program for an all round knowledge development in a fun way.

Each session in this course focuses on building and learning about a particular animal. The build help develop a better understanding about the various mechanisms used while the learning modules focus on developing general knowledge around the animal and its habitat and adaptations that make it different. Finally the programming develops the logical thinking processes to provide the build with certain behaviors.

In this final level the students further develop their programming logic to write more complex behaviors such as creating line follower bots, and remote control cars among others. This level essentially focusses on developing more complex programming constructs.

Other Details

Duration 90 Minutes
Session 1/Week
Age 6-8 Yrs
Price Dh 1650/10 Sessions
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